Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juara Chess?

I am so happy because the kiddo whom I cared most won a series of chess games, competing with other primary and secondary school around Kuala Krai district. He was announced as The Winner. I am so proud of him.

Congratulation Wal Ikram!!

and when I asked him how was the game, he was being so secretive. I insisted on knowing the truth, so, he asked me to guess. Seeing him so shy, I guessed him as the One with number One, then he praised me for guessing it right! I was so shocked and felt that if he was a girl, I would shake his hands hard and may hug him .. only if he was a girl! hehe

I just hope he would teach me of some good tricks for my future undertaking. eheh
I was scheduled to join at a 2-day-camp to become an apprentice for my school's chess coach on this 30th and 31st October 2010, something called as "Kejurulatihan Catur". I had only some basic knowledge about the chess, but to play it, I dare not to since I always lost in every single game I played before. I dare not play no more, at least not in front of my pupils. ehhe

Perhaps, Ikram, Aiman and Azri can help me out about the tips and tricks. ehehe But I know, practice makes perfect. If I have no confidence in even playing the game, how am I going to improve? whatever it takes, I shall try my very best! and I do hope, there will be your apprentices as next year's stars.. :D

I just want to say, I am so PROUD of my Ikram. go go chaiyok!!
we'll meet on Sunday and tell me more about the game, okay? ^__^

p/s: when I asked him of what kind of present he wanted, he said I had given him so many presents already.. and I wonder, have I? I don't think so. and he said 'cane' is one of them.. haha

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