Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A kiddo in love?

Kids nowadays are so outspoken about being in a relationship they called boyfriend-girlfriend. Even Ahmad confessed that he sent love letters to his classmates who he claimed to be his girl. Year 2. I always thought that it is too early for youngsters to be so daring in confessing their crush. Obviously this is not love. It is a crush and people knew, crush comes and go just like the wave on the beach.

Anyway, this kiddo, a year 6, whom I care much, claimed to have a boy-girlfriend relationship with a year 5. Hurm, absorbing gossip from so many sources including the boy himself, I found out that he is in a relationship, but shares monkey love. A crush, like I said. Easily break it off and get back together again. No any kind of foundation what so ever. Outer appearance is 99% contributed to such relationship. Children seldom judged inside out as they see what they saw only. Their level of understanding is nearing the abstract level when they are 12 and above. At this rate, they are developing emotional quotient (EQ) which would gear them to their definition of self.

But the year 6 pupils, girls, are saved from this boyfriend-girlfriend, thank Allah. If not, I would be here and there searching for them in case they followed their boyfriends out from school. :D

Technology helped these kiddos connect even easier. They can just text and tell their feelings if meeting eye-to-eye would embarrass them. And most Laloh’s kiddos have their handphones 24/7, except at school. I was rather shocked when I heard this. Even my family, to have a handphone, one must only be a secondary school students, despite their urges to have one.

Rural areas parents trust their children to handle the technology alone at much much earlier time as compared to typical town people. Yes. Rural areas community is more likely to have more money than the townsmen. Due to this, they decided to share their wealth with their children. It is good to have handphones, but parents should have set somekind of rules to be obeyed and followed in using this technology.

I just hope that him and others would be matured enough to not to follow their instinct solely as we all have ISLAM to provide us guidelines to maneuver our lives better for our future because I really care about them.

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