Monday, December 13, 2010

makan budget

on my way back from Chini,
we were seeking a place for dinner.
previously, we planned to go and eat at Satay Sri Lanang, Jabi, Jerteh, Trengganu.
but then, we departed rather later than planned, so we ended up being so hungry at Dungun.
it was 2 and a half hour journey more to the place, so we decided to change our plan.

we were searching for a stop-place which offer a good meal at reasonable price. a place after another, I suggested a place called SATE ORI kat Rusila, Marang. I heard about it from my cousin about a year back. it was said to be good and okay.

at first, we missed the spot; so I opened the table for discussion over a new place to dine. however, my father said we could go back by taking a U-turn. so, we found the place and the place was...